The Chavista court suspended “all effects” of the primaries declaring María Corina Machado as presidential candidate

The Chavista court suspended “all effects” of the primaries declaring María Corina Machado as presidential candidate
Maria Corina Machado has emerged as the undisputed winner of Venezuela’s primaries (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

he Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) from Venezuela It ordered the suspension of “all effects of the various stages of the electoral process conducted by the Primary National Committee” that took place last Sunday, after receiving the appeal submitted by the opposition representative. Jose Brito Which requested a review of the “violations”.

According to Ruling No. 122 of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, published on the website of the Supreme Court, the opposition election organizing committee must register “the administrative background, containing the twenty-five stages of the electoral process” for the primaries, which range from From the invitation to the event to the audit minutes, inclusion and announcement.

In addition, they must submit to the Supreme Court Minutes of accepting the nomination of candidates who were excluded by the Comptroller’s Office from holding elected positionsAs is the case for the internal winner Maria Corina MachadoWhich is burdened by this administrative measure that was imposed in 2015 for a year, but was recently extended until 2030.

Likewise, they must deliver Resignation of candidates Henrique Capriles And Freddy Soberlano — who refused to participate just two weeks before the election — were also excluded, as were “any other citizen who decided to renounce their candidacy.”

Venezuelan Supreme Court ruling on opposition primary elections

The TSJ gives the CNP a period of three days to submit a “report” indicating “The mechanism used to store electoral materials and the place designated for this purpose.”

Finally, he orders that the Attorney General be notified. Tariq William Saaband other general powers of this sentence and the events reported by Brito that – he asserted – he could constitute “the commission of alleged electoral crimes and the commission of alleged public crimes”, without specifying the type of illegal acts that were committed.

Maria Corina Machado has emerged as the undisputed winner of Venezuela’s primariesHe received an astonishing 92% of the votes. Last Thursday, she was announced as the opposition candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, with the aim of challenging Chavismo.

It confirms the ruling of the Supreme Court Doubts were raised by many about the next steps the leader should take To achieve the giant achievement of ending the Chavez dictatorship, which plunged the country into the worst crisis in its history.

In fact, the Opposition victory forced Chavismo To activate their repressive machines to delegitimize the outcome. Tariq William Saab He did not hesitate to describe the process as “a fraud“, although shared Election Monitoring Network of the Education Associationwhich is an independent monitoring body approved by National Electoral Council (CNE) controlled by the dictatorship, which confirmed that about 12% of the country’s electoral list participated in the opposition primaries.

Due to the strong proof of citizenship in some Self-administration elections Which was implemented despite all the difficulties, Chavismo has now begun to move its cards and adjust the discourse with the development of events. The most obvious case was the desperate attempt made by the regime’s representative at the negotiating table with the opposition. Jorge Rodriguezto discredit the primaries before the body of diplomats accredited to the Caribbean country.

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As the Speaker of Parliament asked Chavez,Measures” And “StinginessTo the ambassadors and urging them not to “interfere in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” because “the opposition has, in his opinion, carried out fraudulent operations to generate cases of anxiety,” ignoring the will of citizens who demand political reforms and those who suffer daily. Collapse of public servicesthe Economic inflationLoss of purchasing power, a Minimum salary Three dollars a month, among many other problems.

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