The Cuban doctor embroidered the words of home and life on his white coat

The Cuban doctor embroidered the words of home and life on his white coat

Cuban doctor Alexandre Jesus Figueiredo embroidered the popular Patria y Vida in his white coat to practice, according to a doctor from Bayamo who posted on his social media sites.

Facebook photos show the white coat of a urologist and general medicine specialist integrated with the popular phrase embroidering on the back, while the front displays the logo of the National Association of Cubans of Ecuador.

Alexander Jesus wrote to accompany the images of his robe: “In case someone doubts my words … my robe is ready for the tail of freedom … the homeland and life.”

The slogan of Patria y Vida, from the well-known famous song of Lyotuel Romero, Genti de Zona, Desmere Bueno, Alfonchi and Michael Osorbo, has become the favorite slogan of those calling for an end to dictatorship in Cuba, while the government severely punishes Cuban and represses those who defend and reproduce it.

Doctor Alexandre Jesus Figueiredo has gained prominence in independent Cuban media since February He denounced the death of his parents due to lack of medicine and resources at Manzanillo Hospital, In County Granma.

“What use is being a doctor, being a force for the world, if we don’t have syringes, gloves, probes, medicine, electricians, ambulances, stretchers, sphygmomanometers, sutures …” Figueiredo previously denounced when referring to Celia Hospital Sanchez Mandoli, Manzanillo.

The doctor also criticized the island’s government on social media He cited the mismanagement of the state because it left Cuban citizens without options He wondered why the resistance would continue.

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“A Cuban works with a salary of at least 10 days, and is spent on scrap because food, real, does not exist; because in travel they cannot think, because they do not aspire to wear clothes, because they cannot dream about satisfying their children. They pressure and continue to pressure and resist and ask Myself: I am resisting for what? Is there anything after this? ‘

It is not clear what revenge is for the doctor’s actions, but the Cuban state has dedicated itself since the repudiation and Military activists Even Violent arrests For those who reproduce the phrase in a general way.

In February, the authorities organized a An act of disavowal against activist Anyell ValdésOne of the barracks in San Isidro, during which they broke through the fence surrounding the house and vandalized the facade of the house with blue paint to cover the Patria e Vida sticker.

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