The dean who expelled a journalist from the university will try to leave Cuba

The dean who expelled a journalist from the university will try to leave Cuba

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Monday, February 12, 2024

Dania María Santi Morlanes, system administrator and dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Communications at the University of Camagüey, who expelled journalist José Luis Tan Estrada from that higher education institution,

A source told the outlet Cubans all over the world The former dean will try to immigrate to Uruguay, according to what she told the page without revealing her identity.

“She will leave the country on March 8,” the source said, adding that Dania will travel with her husband, a former Interior Ministry official “linked to robberies and acts of corruption in warehouses in Camagüey.” “

He denounced, “As is usual in these cases, the official deleted her Facebook posts, including those related to the expulsion of Tan, where she said that the journalist was “clear in his departure from the ideology and values ​​of the revolution.” For its part, La Hora de Cuba.

The aforementioned media reported that “Dania herself was responsible, years ago, for informing the expulsion decision to José Raul Gallego, another teacher and now a freelance journalist.”

Tan Estrada, who was a professor at the University of Camagüey's Ignacio Agramonte School of Journalism, was expelled from that educational institution because of his “political stance against the regime,” as stated on his Facebook profile.

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