The Dodgers abandoned the Cardinals and advanced to the Division Series against the Giants

The Dodgers abandoned the Cardinals and advanced to the Division Series against the Giants

With the Dodgers’ victory over the Cardinals, the division series between both the National League and the American was ready.

Game 1 Park: Oracle Park

Date: Friday, October 8th

Table: 20:37 pm (Central Mexico Time)

United States – Los Angeles Cheats They scored Cardinals of St. Louis They sealed their pass to the next round with a 3-1 victory in the ninth inning directed by Chris Taylor in the wild card game, where they will clash with the best team in the majors: San Francisco Giants.

On the last roll, Taylor broke the tie with the walk Angels Have the opportunity to repeat the championship you won a year ago.

Now, Cheats And Giants They will be engaged in a fierce battle to prove who is the best and advance to the championship series. With points remaining at 107-55 and Angelenos 106, they won the annual series 10-9, defeating the current kings of the Major League by one game and winning the regular season race for the Dodgers. -56.

The Dave Roberts team started the year with four wins in a row, but then the Giants, who won the NL West title, changed the balance to their side and had the advantage of starting the series at Oracle Park.

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The Dodgers have been sixth in recent years in the National League because they have captured three of the last four old Circuit Pennants, but in those three tours for the World Series they were crowned only once in 2020 against Tampa Bay.

In turn, the Giants have had the best productivity in the Fall Classic, an example they have not achieved since 2014, but they have earned the title in their last visits (2014, 2012, 2010), and they have to go back to find the last failure in 2002

Intermediate section series San Francisco And Angels Next Friday, October 8th at Oracle Park and advance to the first of three wins in five matches against a match in between. Milwaukee Brewers And Atlanta Braves, These are all in the National League.

In the American League, Tampa Bay Facing Boston Red Sox And Houston Astros Will do the opposite Chicago White Socks.

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