The earth will run out of oxygen; Scientists reveal DATE

The earth will run out of oxygen;  Scientists reveal DATE

In recent years, The earth faced various problems We know the validity of the planet associated with weather, natural disasters and other disasters. What else, Climate change Has increased the list of hazards for human species and organisms in general.

For this reason, different scientists and researchers are responsible for defining the various hazards of running the planet. The Nature Geo Science team talked about “The New End of the World”This is for sure Will instantly destroy humanity.

The journal Science published a study the rest of the time The earth will run out of oxygenA resource that reaches our planet, thanks to the sun, the team of scientists responsible for the study estimates that oxygen on our planet is expected to last a few billion more years.

Will the earth run out of oxygen?
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Why does the earth run out of oxygen?

This happens because, as the sun ages, it runs out of hydrogen fuel at its core, as happens with any star. There it must be heated to combine with helium. For that reason, the extra energy generated by the sun and the warming of our planet as it falls to Earth The great producers of oxygen are drying up their oceans.

It is clear that there is still a long way to go, but it is also important to understand the importance of the sun for the development of our planet. Earth seems to have an expiration dateBut it can always be shortened if we do not take care of all the resources in it.

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Life on Earth is directly dependent on the sun
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