The Ecuadorian Basketball League kicks off on Friday 10 June

The Ecuadorian Basketball League kicks off on Friday 10 June

The competition, organized by the Ecuadorean Basketball Federation (FEB), will feature nine teams from eight provinces.

The Ecuadorian Basketball League Its first date will be on Friday 10 June with three matches to be played in Konokoto, Kumbaya and Guano.

nine teams At the national level, the following will participate in this tournament: Valle Unido (Pichincha), Guerreros (Pichincha), Caballeros (Carchi), Punto Rojo (Imbabura), Triple-E (Azuay), Fuerza Manaba (ManabΓ­), Emelec (Guayas) and Nesfebanor (Chimborazo) and Santa Maria (Machala).

This year, clubs will have players from Ecuador, Colombia, the United States and Venezuela.

The tournament is endorsed by FIBA ​​America and will provide a stake for South American Association.

Tribute to Engels Tenorio

This edition of the league will bear the name Engels TenorioNationally selected for over 25 years.

Tenorio was born in El Oro in 1966 and during his career he played for Ecuadorean clubs Athletic Club, Emelec, Barcelona, ​​San Pedro, Uruguay, ESPE, UTE and Mavort. He also wore T-shirts Italian Chircolo Peru and Bucaramanga from Colombia.

The basketball player was a champion for six consecutive years with Emelec, Continental runner-up in 1990 and runner-up at the South American Interclubs.

Tables for the first two dates:

Friday 10 June

  • United Valley vs. Gentlemen
    Kumbaya Amphitheater, 8:00 pm
  • warriors vs. red dot
    Konokoto Amphitheater, 8:00 p.m.
  • Nsvibanur vs. manaba power
    Guano Coliseum, 8:00 p.m.

Saturday 11 June

  • United Valley vs. red dot
    Kumbaya Amphitheater, 8:00 pm
  • warriors vs. Gentlemen
    Konokoto Coliseum, 09:00
  • Nsvibanur vs. Triple E
    Guano Coliseum, 19:00

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