The eruption is darkening many cities

The eruption is darkening many cities

Various departments of the metropolitan area and other nearby cities, They ran out of power Today, Thursday, at 6 p.m. Explosion at Monacillos Station.

These middle readers report it Guanapo, Carolina, Haddo Ray, Old San Juan, Miramar, Rio Pietros, Luquillo and Los PietrosSome places affected due to darkness.

The Fire Department He made sure he was going to that place.

“On the way to attend the fire at the Monacillos station, the DOE Hado Ray, Guanapo and Rio Pietros units,” they wrote.

Network users reported Smoke coming out of the Electric Power Authority station, product of the explosion. There were loud noises and a burning smell in nearby areas.

Sources in the metro Puerto Rico said control panels in central San Juan and Palo Seco had been turned off.

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