The ex-wife of Commissioner Lorgio Mejía Tinoco is found guilty of money laundering charges

The ex-wife of Commissioner Lorgio Mejía Tinoco is found guilty of money laundering charges

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – Ex-wife of a commissioner Police, Lorgio Oquelí Mejía Tinoco (Fugitive from justice) Was convicted Thursday of money laundering.

Tinoco’s ex-wife, who has been identified as Denise Yamilith MoralesAnd the She was sentenced to two years imprisonment and a fine of 50 percent of the value subject to money laundering, in this case 330748 lempira for 78 cents, in addition to confiscation of the financial products specified by the convict.

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Morales was captured by a team of Special Operations, Communications and Strategic Support De la Attic in San Pedro Sula, after running away from justice for 16 months.

Seizure of property

In February 2020, the Public Prosecutor asked the judge to permanently deny Lorgio Oquelí Mejía Tinoco and his family 24 ownership of personal property, real estate and secured banking products.

Among the assets seized were two houses, three cars, six bank accounts of Mejía Tinoco, six financial products in the name of his wife Wendy María Castro, and seven bank accounts of his former partner Denisse Yamileth Morales, who was convicted through a short processing.

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According to the investigations of the Public Prosecution, the income of the former head of the National Police “does not exceed 17 million dollars in assets, and this does not correspond to the monthly salary he received from 2012 to 2017, which was fifty” three hundred and ninety-five and twenty-one cents.

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According to the investigations, between 2012 and 2015, Choluteca policemen demanded money from the carriers so that they could transport the cattle without any disturbance, which constituted an act as bribes.

These unlawful charges intensified when the commissioner who was investigated and the accused was appointed as the head of the police department in Choloteca and according to the investigation, the payments were made in cash and came from the money that the farm owners dealt with, which were delivered at various control points among them: Pavana, El Triunfo and Namasigüe and on some occasions in facilities Choluteca Ranchers Association (AGACH).

The Prosecutor’s Office confirms that since the commissioner’s appointment as the head of a department, a criminal structure has been formed, members of the Administrative Prevention Unit (UDEP) and the Directorate of Special Investigation Services (DNSEI) have been a part of it.

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