The fighting in Gaza, the situation of civilians and more

The fighting in Gaza, the situation of civilians and more

Video shows naked Palestinian men and at least two boys arrested by the IDF in a Gaza stadium

A frame from a video showing Palestinians detained by the Israeli army in a stadium in northern Gaza. (Credit: Yossi Gamzu Letova)

An edited video circulating on social media appears to show Palestinian men and at least two children being detained and stripped naked by the IDF in a playground in northern Gaza.

CNN was unable to verify when the video was recorded. CNN's geolocation of the video shows it was filmed at Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City.

CNN contacted the Israeli army on Tuesday evening to comment on the video and the detained children, but has not yet received a response. In the past, the Israeli army stated that it stripped detainees of their clothes to ensure that they were not carrying explosives.

Israeli forces have arrested hundreds of Palestinian men and boys in recent weeks.

In one of the video clips, two young men, naked to their underwear, appear to be walking with their hands raised as the Israeli army directs them towards the stadium.

In another video, they appear to be the same two young men, naked with their hands above their heads, lined up with other men who appear to be teenagers and adults.

During the video you can see men naked down to their underwear.

In some of the fragments, they were sitting on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs, some of them were blindfolded, and in one row while the Israeli army watched and examined them.

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Other detained women and children also appear in the video. In one clip, three fully clothed women, blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs, are seen sitting on the grass in front of a football goal on the field.

The Israeli flag was seen hanging on the goal. It shows Palestinian men, naked and blindfolded, with their hands tied behind their backs, sitting next to women.

The video shows military vehicles and excavators around the stadium.

The original video was uploaded on December 24 To YouTube Written by Yossi Gamzu Letova, a photographer and artist according to her Facebook profile.

The non-profit organization Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that it had received information that the Israeli army was arresting hundreds of Palestinians from the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City, including dozens of women who were taken to Yarmouk Stadium.

“In the past few days, after 10 years and after 70 days, they were obligated to stop working on the rope except for the calzoncillos they put on the house of the forma humillante delante de las mujeres de tenidas en el mismo estadio,” he added the organization. human rights It's a statement.

The organization calls on the international community to investigate the arrest images.

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