The Financial Unit accuses 11 officials of transferring 122 million liras

The Financial Unit accuses 11 officials of transferring 122 million liras


The A specialized public finance unit to combat corruption networks (OvercoIntroduced A. Tax requirement 11 officials and one former official allegedly involved in leaking 122 million lempira from coffers condition Through a bag company.

Investigations reveal that at the beginning of 2014, the then Minister of Communications and Strategy, Hilda Hernandez, Request for direct contracting with Servicios e Inversiones AID to manage advertisements for media for 98.3 million lamperas, without following the procedures stipulated in Government Contracting Law.

The The prosecution It determined that 14 checks have also been issued since then Presidential House For Servicios e Inversiones AID, without supporting documents, which amounted to 23.7 million lempira.

Desired of them are the Minister of Financial Administration, Pedro Alexandre Pineda; Managing Director of the Presidency, Hervis Edolfo Herrera; The Accountant General of the Presidential House, Leslie Merela Finnese; The Managing Director of the Presidential House is Zexel Eduardo Hoyt. Likewise, Messrs. Norman Guillermo Noriega, Carol Vanessa Alvarado, Claudia Yamela Noriega, Mario Alberto Villanueva, Gloria Vargas, Judith Castaneda and Julio Antonio Galdamez.

It is a statement Presidential House Note that all the required information has been submitted to deputy He renewed his commitment to continue providing all facilities for conducting investigations in accordance with the law, while urging him to respect the right to the presumption of innocence of wanted citizens.

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