The future of collegiate basketball is being decided: crucial meetings

The future of collegiate basketball is being decided: crucial meetings

Five-a-side tournament is a reality. In a season marked by bubbles, travel, and the special situations that a pandemic makes you live with every day, although it takes getting used to, the team led by Silvio Santander has gone from low to high and achieved a historic milestone in the LNB: being a five-time champion and finishing asserting its dominance on the local orange scene. .

But as this broker was said aaaaaThe situation has changed: With the departure of Marcelo Tinelli from the presidency of the club and being the primary economic contributor to the discipline, added to the decision of Horacio Arrechigor, the current head of the San Lorenzo office, to cut the club’s budget as much as possible. club, the question fell from the mature: Are you still basketball? what would happen? Is the box sold out and the franchise lost so much to get, based on work, effort, and titles? We will try to uncover these questions that seem to get answers.

To the calm of many, who even created a hashtag on social networks in disapproval of the possible decision that evaluated the CD in response to the SLP note (#LaPlazaNoSeVende) Everything seems to be pointing at this time San Lorenzo basketball will continue to compete: After some talks and the meeting on Thursday afternoon between Archigor and Fabian Porro (the president of the Argentine Basketball Association) and Roberto Alvarez, a board member and former second vice president of CASLA, there is optimism in Boedo, where He will be close to receiving sponsorship contributions and in this way keeping the place in the LNB: How? The budget will be much smaller, between 60 and 70 million pesos, without foreigners and analyzing citizens on a case-by-case basis, because without going any further, Nicholas Romano left the institution and analyzes his future. With this paradigm shift, Aims to reach the playoffs And in heads up to see what each opponent and the raven team itself is made of.

The team motto, Nicolas Benca-Aguirre is waiting for everything to be confirmed by the club and there he will listen to the proposal made by the managers and analyze his future, as he has proposals to go to play abroad, although he is very comfortable in Boedo. On the part of the coach Silvio Santander held his contract because he wanted to move abroad.

Despite the lack of detail, history seems to be smiling at San Lorenzo with basketball and he will likely be looking for more glory from next season.

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