The government holds social days in Puerto Plata

The government holds social days in Puerto Plata

President Luis Abenader led a series of social days in this city as part of a tour he made on Saturday, among them affiliation with the National Health Service (Sinasa).

The activity was led by Minister José Ignacio Baleza, Dr Santiago Hazem, General Manager of CINASA, Luis Farrington, Regional Director of CINASA, Johnny Tavarez, Regional Director of Health, and Jesida Mercado, representative of DIDA.

The Administrative Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, José Ignacio Baleza, explained that due to a question of when the President was unable to attend this activity, he said that this event is of great importance to the government of President Luis Abenader, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the Dominican Republic.

He stressed that more than two million Dominicans have been integrated into the administration of President Luis Abenader, while ensuring that there is no one who does not have access to belonging to Sinasa.

For his part, Santiago Hazem said that since they came to the government they have increased the number of affiliates to 7 million people, becoming the main provider of this service and in the case of Puerto Plata this is reflected in an increase of more than 120 thousand. Subsidiaries.

Hazem announced that the maximum coverage, which is currently 1 million pesos, will rise to 2 million pesos so that no citizen will have to turn to officials or lawmakers to solve a health problem.

Previously, the President had led the distribution of cards from the Supérate program to members of the Fishermen’s Association of Puerto Plata to 300 members of the entity at a ceremony in the sports center of this city.

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After this event, the President participated in the Day of Social Inclusion “First You”, at the Concepción Gómez Matos School, in the Padre Las Casas sector, implemented by the Program for Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep), the civilian civil government. , and the Mayor’s Office of San Felipe de Puerto Plata and Dominicana Digna.

The program included ophthalmology, dentistry, general medicine, cardiology, tests for breast and prostate cancer, medicine in general, and RD vaccinations.

In addition, young people are registered to enter the first work program and choose scholarships to study technical professions in vocational schools of the armed forces. AA. and the National Police, Infotep and ITLA.

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