The health condition of the Cuban girl Amanda becomes complicated

The health condition of the Cuban girl Amanda becomes complicated

Cuban girl Amanda Limor Ortiz I mentioned it again Sensitive health conditionBut doctors asked the family to keep a positive mindset, because there are still options for optimal recovery.

since Organ transplant for Amanda In Spain, health workers have warned that the recovery process is very complicated.

Wednesday Amanda started bleeding again He had to return to the operating room for the fourth time to undergo a simple surgical intervention.

“They did a Biliary drainage. The catheter started bleeding again. Activist Yamilka Lavita (Lara Kroffs) said: “We are very concerned that even though the doctors say there are solutions to everything, they had to transfer the girl to the intensive care unit again.”

The medical examination revealed that the girl suffers from a large hematoma in the abdominal area, in the area of ​​the transplant, and doctors believe that it may be related to the new bleeding that the little girl experienced.

“When a girl gets sick, I always make the same analysis: How much could we have saved if the Cuban government had allowed us to get Amanda out in time or if they had treated her?” the activist said.

The Spanish hospital where Amanda lives covers the girl's expenses, but not her parents' support.

The little girl's family and friends have reactivated the fundraiser at GoFundMe Because Amanda's recovery process may take some time. His mother and father have to support themselves in a foreign country without getting a job.

the Solidarity of Cubans in exile He was, still is, and will continue to be a major factor in this Cuban family, which is fighting for the life of its daughter in the coming period.

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