The ‘injustice’ of arbitration rulings against Emelec so far in the second leg of LigaPro First Division: seven points | National Championship | Sports

The ‘injustice’ of arbitration rulings against Emelec so far in the second leg of LigaPro First Division: seven points |  National Championship |  Sports

Nine units couldn’t add the Millionaire team on the tour, most with judges having at least debatable decisions.

In total, Emelec was unable to secure nine points in the second round of LigaPro Serie A 2021 after eight rounds. That was the case, either with a draw – three – or with the only defeat he scored, against Liga de Quito. And when those loopholes occurred, and even when the Electrics defeated Macara (3-0), the millionaire coach, Ismael Riscalvo, was, in most cases, the first to point out the harm of the refereeing decisions against the Guayaquil team., a general fact that cannot be denied this season in the Ecuadorian championship.

So far at this point, Emelec – the winner of the preliminary stage and with a ticket to a final national final – has scored 15 units, Five less than the leader Independiente del Valle, and ranked second in the ranking. He won in Cuenca (1st day), at Manta Delfin (3rd) and at George Capwell Stadium twice, Ampatenos (fourth) and Olmedo (sixth). He drew at home with Ocas (second), Universidad Católica (eighth) and Alberto Spencer on October 9 (the fifth). And it fell in the field of Asim Albus (the seventh).

In four of eight presentations There have been controversial arbitration decisions, characterized above all by the “injustice” done to electrical equipment, in terms of Rescalvo; Among these, errors of judgment also in view of any spectator: seven units the Blues could not add.

Against Makara, red for Rodriguez

The arbitration awards appear to be match fraud. It is clear that the work and professionalism of these players is played and I am not willing to allow these situationsThis is what the millionaire coach said after the match against Macara (3-0) on August 14. He was referring to the red card given by referee Jefferson Macias to Sebastian Rodriguez, captain of the blue team.

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Against Ambateños, Uruguayan Rodríguez was sent off when the referee considered that midfielder had attacked Celestial Arón Rodríguez Baldos. Soon, on Emelec’s side, Dixon Arroyo complained about a foul that was not taken care of and Argentine Anibal Leguizamon stopped a goal.

Emelec players and coaching staff speak with an assistant referee in the match against Macará. Image: API

The Uruguayan said:I avoid the player and have to put my feet down after touching the ball. I can’t run on air. When I supported him, Macará’s foot was dangling.”

Rodriguez missed the next two matches due to suspension.

Painful tie against octubrinos

The next day, Rescalvo confirmed his disagreement with the arbitration awards. At that time, in a painful tie with 2 of the Blues in October 9 Square.

“There was no penalty, constant warnings against us only. With not a single player (Annibal Leguizamon sent off in the first half) there was a team that wanted and another that was waiting. At least it’s questionable decisions and I hope that Emilik’s constant mistakes will be analyzed match by match.“.

The moment of the controversial procedure passed by referee Rene Marin. The judge decided it was the hand of defender Luca Sosa (on the ground). Image: API

On that night of August 21, at Alberto Spencer Stadium, the Millionaire Club saved a point thanks to Joao Rojas’ double from the 81st minute.

Controversy against Slug (Q)

At the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium, at the end of the meeting between Albos and Eléctricos on September 19, which meant the only defeat (3-2) for the visiting Guayaquil team this season, a brawl occurred on the field. Libra: Severe penalties on each side dictated by the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League.

In light of this, Spain’s Riscalvo reacted during the week: “The penalties we receive should be assumed. We hope that through the club’s legal department (in blue) we can take steps to reduce it. In some cases, we consider them completely disproportionate.”

Hitting, pushing and insulting took place at the end of the match between Liga (Q) and Emelec at Rodrigo Paz Stadium. Image: API

The ruling meant that Emelec would lose in the future defender Luca Soca (one month), midfielders Dixon Arroyo (two months), Alexis Zapata (one month) and striker Facundo Barcelo (two matches).

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The “damage” of the arbitration rulings against Barcelona has so far reached in the second stage: six points

However, the referee’s report from central defender Rudy Zambrano did not explicitly include the names of all the participants.

‘Referees need to be trained more’

And in the face of the Catholic, he was canceled last Sunday, a goal against Rojas for offside, according to the referees. The match ended in a draw at 2 and Riscalvo’s reaction was immediate in the respective press conference: “We achieved three legal goals, but we stole one. If we score three goals and we can’t win, we have to score five or six to win and there will be no doubt.”

The Spanish coach’s position is clear, as he was sincere last month, even telling the Guayaquil press that he considered what is happening with Emilic “strange”: “We’ve had, for several months now, bugs so often that you sometimes think there’s bad faith there. It seems strange to me. For a long time, we have repeatedly suffered injustice. Sometimes it’s normal for them to make a mistake in the game, once or twice. But since 2019 (Rescalvo debuted on the Emelec bench in May of that year) we’ve had constant mistakes and get hurt. I’m not saying that, the pictures are there.” (D)

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