The La Rosa de Guadalupe actor is now winning in Hollywood

The La Rosa de Guadalupe actor is now winning in Hollywood
Rose of Guadalupe‘It’s the most popular unit in recent times and hundreds of actors have gone through forums and successful streaming sites. Now, he is a young actor in the aforementioned program, who is fulfilling his dream of working in it Hollywood.

it’s about Eduardo Minette, the 15-year-old, whom we got to know a bit more about in the telenovela ‘Papá a toda madre’, produced by Eduardo Meza in 2017. The Mexican actor made his debut in short films when he was five years old.

Eduardo traveled to the United States to complete his year of working with her Clint EastwoodActor and Film Directormacho cry, which premieres September 16 on HBO Max.

Eduardo Minet participates in love Set in the 1970s, Rodeo star Mike Milo (Eastwood), a horse breeder, agrees to bring Ravo (Minette), the son of a former president, from Mexico. Together they will embark on a challenging journey.

In an interview with El Heraldo de México, a Mexican actor who has participated in various chapters of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” and “as the saying goesHe said he is happy to work with the Hollywood star, because he is a great teacher and even taught him to ride a horse.

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