The leader of the Grand Lodge of Cuba speaks after the theft of $19,000 in his custody

The leader of the Grand Lodge of Cuba speaks after the theft of $19,000 in his custody

Mario Alberto Urquia CariñoThe Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba, A launch In connection with the recent theft, while in their custody, of $19,000 belonging to the Lansaw National Masonic Lodge.

In the extensive document detailing the chronology of events, he ruled out that he would resign from his position and expressed his dissatisfaction with the procedure followed at the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Trustees in which the issue was addressed.

Urquia Carreño confirmed this On January 5, he discovered the theft from his office, specifically 12,340 euros and 6,660 US dollars, a total of 19,000 in convertible currency.Which he described as “the sad truth.”

He admitted that he remained silent until January 9, and when the Sovereign Commander asked him for US$1,000, he initially gave him an alibi and told him that he would take it personally.

Once he reported what had happened to the SGC, he said so He was willing to exchange $1,000 of his personal assets, not because of a guilt issue but because of a “moral obligation” to the money in his custody when it was stolen.

At a special meeting on January 10 with the Board of Trustees, he stated that most of the brothers initially understood that stealing money was a despicable act beyond their control, and He promised to exchange the money.

However, Mario Alberto Urquia He was reluctant to file a complaint with the police. Because they believe that such an important number “should not be outside the bank,” and also because the public’s knowledge of what happened means “tarnishing the reputation of the institution.”

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However, the collective agreement was to make a public statement explaining what happened and submit the corresponding complaint to PNR.

Urquía Carreño complains that while he was filing the complaint in the Zanja unit to the chief treasurer VH. Angel Santisteban Prats and Antonio Fernandez Pérez received the news that The statement had already been drafted in his absenceIn what he described as “a clear violation of what was agreed upon.”

Mario Alberto Urquia also complains that document Who uncovered the case There was a clear focus against him, which he claims was never addressed while he was at the meeting, This is something he believes violates “what was agreed upon” once again.

During the police report, Ángel Santisteban Prats asked the police if this was a self-burglary. The officer responded that the matter would be investigated but everything seemed to indicate yes, “It must have been from someone inside the building.”

Mario Alberto Urquia Carreño considers that the facts related to the theft of money were treated with “suspicion and intentionality” to create an unfavorable opinion against him.

In the final part of the comprehensive document, The Grand Master explained how the money came into his custody.

“I accepted the entry of said funds into the Grand Lodge of Cuba at the suggestion of VH. Angel and I hoped that the Board of Trustees would agree to deposit them in the bank as stipulated by law, since neither the National Asylum nor the Supreme Council have accounts in currency,” explained Angel Santisteban Prats. .

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He added that the Grand Lodge of Cuba, for its part, due to the election of the Grand Treasurer in September, requested “banking authority from the relevant bodies and it was delivered in the last days of December.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “We went to the CEO of BFI and handed over the documents, and until now BFI is still not responding despite being there on the lookout.”

He also argued why he did not file a police report as soon as he discovered the money was missing.

“I did not file a complaint with the National Tax Service when I discovered that the safe had been stolen from the office because that would mean the authorities revealing the internal agreements of the Board of Trustees that could be questioned and assessed as illegal according to applicable laws,” he noted. This, in turn, could lead to the state Auditing the accounts of the National Masonic Lodge, from then on, no one was able to assess the legal consequences for the lodge and the brothers who might be involved.

In view of the course of events and under pressure from members of the Board of Trustees, Mario Alberto Urquia decided not to comply with the international obligations previously undertaken and to remain in the country to face any situation. that can be provided.

In January of last year, the then president of the Cuban Forum, Francisco Javier Alfonso Vidal, traveled there. He stayed in Mexico. He had traveled to that country to attend an event, and after the announcement of his departure from the delegation, he resigned from his position and complained that he had been subjected to harassment by State Security.

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Cuban Freemasons noted on this occasion that “this situation, although an unexpected and unfortunate Masonic act, will not affect the work of the Grand Lodge in Cuba.”

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