“The Legend of Shang-C and the Ten Rings”: a step in the right direction

“The Legend of Shang-C and the Ten Rings”: a step in the right direction

“Shang-C and the Legend of the Ten Rings” opens in theaters today with Marvel’s first Asian main character and one of the few original films in this universe that really stands out from the others.

If you are not yet confident enough to see “Shank-C” in cinema, I will give you the reasons why it should be done, despite its flaws in the film. “Shang-C and the Legend of the Ten Rings” by Dustin Daniel Gretton (“Just Mercy”) and Dave Gallam (“Mortal Combat”) opens up a whole new world with a new world. While heating the cinema seats for the next movies to be released on the big screen, Marvel Universe.

The film follows “Shang-Ci”, a sexy Simu Liu named Simu Liu, who stops cars in his spare time and sings karaoke and lives a normal life with his best friend “Katie” (Aquafina). Until some men start fighting with “Shang-ci” on a bus until it turns their lives around (Keenu Reeves and Sandra Bullock’s “Speed” movie reminds me a lot). The martial arts on the big screen gives the audience a glimpse of action scenes that can shine again. It also contains a part of the past life, which our protagonist tries to hide and avoid at all costs. Now, while it is true that this is one of the best action scenes, it clearly points to one of the biggest problems of this installment: its script.

The amount of time we spend with “Shank-C” is very little since it appeared on screen and we tried so hard to cover it up before immersing ourselves in that life. Excessive use of flashbacks, while creating an emotional connection to the character, should follow him on the journey he undertakes with “Katie”. Don’t get me wrong, the theme behind everything and the fun way they present it creates a kind of emotional bond, to be with the most important character in the film. Other characters such as “Katie”, “Ying I” (Michael Yoh), “Sialing” (Meng Yer Jong), “Wenwu” (Tony Leung) and “Trevor Slatery” (Ben Kingsley) are the center of attention that steals, when Liu tries, With his incredible charisma and agility, find his way through his own image.

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On the positive side, delivery is not all that bad. With the exception of some failed visual effects, the rest of the image is very good and with all its drawbacks is a step in the right direction within the MCU. The dance structure of the fights is impeccable and the acting is incredible, which makes the story more fun than it appears in the first episode. In addition, the film has two post-credit scenes that prepare the future of this new phase with some surprising cameos, of course, for “Shang-Ci”. A classic Marvel move has always been much loved by fans, and this installment is no exception.

“Shang-Ci and the Legend of the Ten Rings” features real solo movies.

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