The Maduro regime's response to Brazil's statement on the electoral process in Venezuela: “It is interventionist”

The Maduro regime's response to Brazil's statement on the electoral process in Venezuela: “It is interventionist”
Nicolas Maduro and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Reuters/Osley Marcelino/File)

He called the Venezuelan regime “Intervention“The statement issued on Tuesday by Brazil where he expressed “He worries“In order to develop the electoral process in the Caribbean country and”ObstaclesTo register the candidacy of the main anti-Chavista bloc, which, in the opinion of Caracas, appears to be “dictated” by the United States.

Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign AffairsHe denounces the gray and intrusive statement written by officials of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry Which appears to have been dictated by United States Department of State“You make comments laden with profound ignorance and ignorance of the political reality in Venezuela.”

Nicolas Maduro's regime, according to his statement, “Ethics to demand strict respect for the principle of non-interference in internal affairs“, because “He maintained his behavior loyal to the principles governing diplomacy and friendly relations with Brazil“, no “It does not and will not make value judgments about political and judicial processes“From that country.

On the other hand, Chavismo is “surprised by the fact that the Brazilian Foreign Ministry Do not worry about assassination attempts and destabilization Which has been dismantled in recent weeks, including yesterday's attempt (Monday), when an extremist from the Vente Venezuela organization (led by opposition member Maria Corina Machado) was arrested with weapons ready to carry out an assassination attempt on the president.

Nicolas Maduro (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

Fenty Venezuela had already “categorically” rejected this “baseless accusation” on Mondaywhich the party considersA new attack by the regime to justify more persecution and arrests“against those who have”He assumed the right to demand democratic changes The majority of citizens today demand a homeland.”

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In its statement, Brazil said the obstacles that the Unitary Democratic Platform (PUD) party, the main anti-Chavista coalition, reported facing in registering its candidacy for the presidency. Corinna Uris “He was selected when Machado could not compete due to disqualification.”Not compatible with the Barbados Conventions“, signed in October between the Maduro regime and this opposition coalition in light of these elections.

With your statement, Brazil joins the criticism directed at the Venezuelan electoral process by various countries in the regionwho have also joined in the last few hours ColombiaMaduro's ally, such as the South American giant.

But Venezuela, according to Chavismo's statement, will hold presidential elections on July 28 “without interference or protection from any foreign power.”

(With information from EFE)

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