The Magic trust the leadership of Paolo Panchero and Franz Wagner

The Magic trust the leadership of Paolo Panchero and Franz Wagner

In the city of Orlando, they observed well what was witnessed in the Basketball World Cup, which was held between August 25 and September 10 in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. Two of the Magic’s best promises and most talented players, Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, performed well for their teams, being ranked among the top four players in the tournament. In the case of the Wagner brothers, the competition ended with them winning the first World Cup gold medal in German history.

Magic coach Jamal Mosley said on Interview with journalist HoopsHypeMichael ScottoDon’t be surprised by the success achieved by the German striker. Franz Wagner is one of the best offensive players in the 2021 draft class, but Mosley highlighted the defensive performance his protégé showed during the World Cup.

“What I saw from him was the defensive ability he can show,” the coach said. “Franz has done a great job when it comes to defending some strangers. I think that’s going to be the biggest key when I get back here. Our ability to defend, which is something I was very happy to see him do. “It will help us achieve what we want to do here.”

Mosley did not stop there, but praised Wagner, who hopes to prove himself as one of the leaders of the Orlando locker room. “People were able to catch a glimpse of what we had already known for some time,” the coach continued. “Since we elected him we have talked about his high basketball IQ, his work ethic, his interest in the game and his attention to detail. I joke with him that he’s a 40-year-old man in a 22-year-old body, he sees the game very differently and worries about the little things. “He cares about his teammates.”

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But if we talk about leadership within the team, Mosley has delved into the Banchero role as the Magic head into the 2023-24 season. “The sky is your limit. Being with Team USA allowed him to see the different systems, adjustments and alignments with all of these players and coaches. He was able to accommodate them. He is capable of doing many things. Most importantly, his voice and leadership. I noticed during a rehearsal in Las Vegas how he carried himself and conveyed his voice to others in some rehearsals. He will go further when he returns to magic. He recognizes it and feels it. “He will take the level of leadership we ask of him.”

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