The man who married a hologram can’t talk to his wife because of a software glitch

The man who married a hologram can’t talk to his wife because of a software glitch

A 38-year-old man named Akihiko KondoAnd Who married a 3D representation of the famous virtual star Hatsune Miku In 2018, he separated from his virtual partner due to a software glitch.

The machine, a machine worth 1,300 dollars called gate box, It allows users (the target demographic seems to be mostly young people) to interact and chat with 3D fictional characters.

Two years before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kondo I spent about $17,300 on a one-of-a-kind weddingwhich allowed him to speak with A hologram from Miko 3D and AI powered, tucked inside a tiny cylinder.

But problems came

During the height of the epidemic, behind the company Gate Box It announced that it will suspend its virtual service Miko. Instead of good night Kondo phrased “network error” when he came home from work one day, reports The New York Times.

however, Kondo He told the newspaper, “My love Miko did not change. I held the wedding because I thought I could be with her forever.”

Kondo He is one of at least 100 people referred to as “fictosexuals”, who married unofficially fictional characters.

to me MainichiAnd Kondo Fall in love with the somewhat robotic voice of Vocaloid Miko. Vocaloid is an audio synthesizer used to give Internet celebrities a real voice.

It is not clear whether Kondo You will be able to have a conversation with your spouse by artificial intelligence again, but given the recent developments in this field, anything is possible. Currently, it is reporting a file The New York TimesI asked for a doll Miko Life size to keep your company.

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