The marathon is surprising and prepares for the biggest win for Real Sociedad; Now they dream of qualifying for the league

The marathon is surprising and prepares for the biggest win for Real Sociedad;  Now they dream of qualifying for the league


Closure Closing match Be the most dramatic in the fight to get a place in the big league party Marathon He came back to life after a heavy blow The real community.

Gallery of Manuel Kiosion He gave a surprise at the Olympic Stadium, where he was involved in an unbeaten fight against Togo, 6-0.

The opening of the path to victory was given from the first minute, where Lucas Campana used a center for the area and he hit with his head. Nelson Periodontos.

At the end of the first half, the Togolese team was dealt a heavy blow after goalkeeper Periandos erred and was sent off. He was replaced by young Jose Boss.

After Lucas Campana scored his personal second goal of the match 2-0 and in the first minute, the night turned dark for the Togolese in the second half.

After Alan Vargas boosted the score and gave a party at the Olympic Stadium, the Greens did not finish celebrating and laughed again.

The madness did not subside and two minutes later after Edwin Solano played at pace 4-0, he took the goalkeeper off and defined relaxation.

A dream introduction to Ramos

After the advantage on the scoreboard, Kiosk offered Odin Ramos the chance to play, which he did not expect to enjoy such a special night. His joy was high when he made his debut as a scorer.

He scored his first goal in the 74th minute, after several rounds of rebounds in the area, using the opportunity to end the match 5-0.

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Three minutes later, after scoring a goal from a long distance and establishing a 6-0 final in the tournament, the youth madness was high.

11 DE Marathon: Louis Ortiz, Alan Vargas, Jr .; Aguilera, Brian Molina; Isaac Castillo, Rainieri Mayerquin, Luis Carrido, Juan Vieira, Edwin Solano; Mario Martinez and Lucas Campana.

Goals: Lucas Campana (2), Alan Vargas, Edwin Solano, Odin Ramos (2).

Substitutes: Odin Ramos for Mario Martinez, Michael Santos for Rainieri Mayerquin, Axel Motino for Luis Carrido, Jeffrey Mirando for Juan Vieira; Edwin Solani’s Freelis Lopez.

Of the Royal Society11

Nelson Periantos, Cliffox Bernardes, Enrique Salcado, Kelvin Matteo, Myanor Antonஸ்es, Eder Delcado, Telson Fikurova, Tester Monico, Tyrone Martinez, Akhim Roach and Ronnie Martinez.

Substitutes: Yeer Gutiérrez for Maynor Antúnez, José Paz for Edder Delgado, Ricky Zapata for Edder Delgado, Ronal Montoya for Enuar Salgado; Christopher Urmenetta by Akhim Roche.

Yellow: Ronald Montoya

Red: Nelson Periodontos.

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