The Mayor of Moroves refused to aspire to the presidency of the PPD due to “manly attitudes”

The Mayor of Moroves refused to aspire to the presidency of the PPD due to “manly attitudes”

The Mayor of Moroves, Carmen Maldonado González, announced Thursday that it has taken firm determination not to participate in the “anti-democracy” processes of the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PPD), in light of the way in which “gender bias” is taking place. Dynamic “has been implemented”. By some of the board members.

“Unfortunately, since I announced the acceptance of the challenge, an active campaign by the leadership has begun to persuade Senator José Luis Dalmau Santiago to take over the presidency as an exclusive decision of the Board of Directors, when it is fair and democratic,” Maldonado González said in written statements: “Open the process against the popular people.”

The mayor confirmed that the leaders who had invited her to support her privately the next day spoke in favor of Dalmau. All kinds of pressures have arisen, from jobs, contracts, and assignments to positions in government and the party. This is not the PPD that I aspire to, I withdraw my intention to chair, but I keep the position of Vice President because we have to fight to transform the PPD. The clear and strong message that the electorate delivered last November was not understood by much of the leadership. This is the reason why PPD is no longer an option for many famous people who have left society. This is why many young people do not see PPD as an option for the future. This is a fact that must be accepted in order to change it. “

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The mayor referred to the actions of women such as Ines Maria Mendoza, Felisa Rincon, Maria Libertad Gomez, Victoria Muñoz, and Sela Calderon, “among the many other women who fought in the PPD to promote their ideas, do actions and combat prejudiced attitudes against women, which express themselves in ways Different and at different times. “

Finally, Maldonado called for the democratization of the PDP. “It sounds ridiculous, but we have to make our last name come true. Party structures created 30, 40, and 50 years ago do not apply to Puerto Rico today. A closed board of directors should not make the important decisions of an entire party. That battle must be fought and we will fight it from within.” “.

The mayor confirmed that she will attend the board meeting at 5:00 pm at the PPD headquarters in Puerta de Tierra.

Earlier this morning, Luisa Mayor Julia Nazario, in an interview with Nacion Z, attributed the sexual practices to the PDP.

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