The Minnesota Timberwolves' win over the Denver Nuggets goes straight into the playoff record book

The Minnesota Timberwolves' win over the Denver Nuggets goes straight into the playoff record book

the Minnesota Timberwolves They entered the playoff record book with their win 115-70 Over the Denver Nuggets In the sixth match of the Western Region semi-finals NBA. This is the eighth-largest advantage in a match in the entire history of the final stage, and the second-largest advantage during an elimination match, an unprecedented record in recent times. 68 years old.

the 45 points What separated Wolves from the current champions is a milestone with very few precedents, which we review below:

Biggest qualifying blowouts

Top 10 historically


58 points: Nuggets 121-63 Hornets (2009, 1st round West)


58 points: Lakers 133-75 Hawks (1956, West Semifinals)


56 points: Lakers 126-70 Warriors (1973, Western Conference Finals)


54 points: Bulls 120-66 Bucks (2015, 1st round East)


50 points: Bucks 136-86 Warriors (1971, West Semifinals)


47 points: Magic 124-77 Celtics (1995, 1st round East)


47 points: Lakers 135-88 Spurs (1986, 1st round in the West)


45 points: Timberwolves 115-70 Nuggets (2024, West Semifinals)


44 points: Cavaliers 130-86 Celtics (2017, Eastern Conference Finals)


44 points: SuperSonics 122-78 Suns (1997, 1st round West)


44 points: Lakers 153-109 Nuggets (1985, Western Conference Finals)


44 points: Hawks 145-101 Pistons (1958, Western Conference Finals)

The biggest victory in the elimination match was 58 points This happened precisely in Minneapolis. At the time, the Lakers survived the St. Louis Hawks in the Western Conference semifinals by a wide margin 133-75, although they later fell in the third and final game of that 1956 game. In the same scenario, despite another franchise, the Wolves repeated the feat, although they hoped to finish Game 7 better and not Go on vacation yet. …

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