The Minnesota Twins lineup and infield in 2023 with Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins Carlos Correa has already been officially announced as part of the squad for next season MLB.

The 28-year-old Puerto Rican shortstop played for the club last season The big leagues before exercising his option to opt out of his contract and go into free agency.

Concerns about an old surgery on Correa’s leg, the San Francisco Giants and the New York MetsAnd the Puerto Rican returned to the Twins for $200 million on a six-year contract and $270 million with an option.

This is a major acquisition for Minnesota that will change the team’s plans. Although analysts still believe they will trade Max Kepler, they could keep 2022 AL batting champion Luis Arráez. Belt They add plenty of depth to a lineup that lost Colombian Gio Urshela, but saw the arrivals of left-hander Joey Gallo and catcher Christian Vazquez.

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