The Nasobuco used by Cubans doesn’t protect against Ómicron, warns one of Soberana 02’s creators

The Nasobuco used by Cubans doesn’t protect against Ómicron, warns one of Soberana 02’s creators

Chemist Daniel García Rivera, one of the creators of the Cuban vaccine Soberana 02 anticovid, warned that the nasobucos cloth, the means of protection that ordinary Cubans have been using since the beginning pandemic In the face of difficulty reaching others of high quality, It may not be enough due to the high infection ability of Omicron.

“Almost all of us use nasobucos from a fabric or material that is not made to avoid contracting this virus. He cautioned that it does not matter that we use it twice, as it is not made for that. In a post on your facebook wall.

“Often it is made at home, with love and good taste, and sometimes combined with outerwear and even underwear, but The truth is that if you are indoors and near an infected person, you will not be able to stop a projectile as minute as a micron.“, books.

Garcia Rivera stressed that with the new variant of the virus, “protection measures must be taken to the max.”

The world warned that Cloth nasubuku,” in confined spaces it resembles a tin shield against a tracer bullet. He believes Micron has reached the limit of transmission of the virus that infects humans, measles.”

In Rivera’s publishing forum, Cuban scientist Amilcar Perez-Riverol pointed out this “N95, KN95 or FFP2 masks and respirators work against all variants, including Omicron and reduce infection to >1-2%. Who can, it is worth investing in some to use in crowded situations indoors and reuse (which is possible).”

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however, Cuban leaders appear on television and at public events Using FFP2 and N95 masks. Disposable masks are sold in the three-layer version through government virtual stores such as Gift Bazaarwhere the square of 50 units It costs $10.52.

On the other hand, ordinary Cubans have had to resort to literal Nasobucos since the beginning of the epidemicThey are mostly manufactured in-house without guarantees of safety and efficacy and with just a few fabrics on hand.

At the end of December, Rivera himself, a professor at the University of Havana, director of the State-owned BioCubaFarma Chemical and Biomolecular Synthesis Laboratory and President of the Latin American Federation of Chemical Societies, Wary of what will happen to Cuba before micron expansion in neighboring countries.

He asked before silence, “I can’t stop saying that, but we keep doing concerts. It’s like we don’t know what’s going on in the world. Minsap, please give a beep. We have to stop everything now.” from the authorities.

Despite the fact that the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) decided to introduce the application of a booster vaccine from the same month, which should end at the end of January, cases have increased dramatically since the end of December and They arrived at 1943 on the last day.

Although the Cuban authorities did not specify the degree of responsibility Variable expansion Omicron in increasing patients, in a Modern government meeting It was reported that this has already been sequenced in patients from 11 counties.

However, The government makes a caravan A tribute to the new anniversary of Fidel Castro’s accession to power crosses the country and gathers hundreds of people in political rallies and celebrations.

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