The national team beat Colombia and there will be a classic match in the final

The national team beat Colombia and there will be a classic match in the final

“Brazilian, Brazilian, we have fewer and fewer to see each other again.” With this cheer, the spectators who went to the La Pedrera Arena at Villa Mercedes, in San Luis, bid farewell to the Women’s teamwhich – which He defeated Colombia in a tough match 71-60 in the semi-finals of South America. As a result, on Saturday, at 9:00 pm (, they will face their Brazilian counterparts, who crushed Venezuela 105-54 in the first half of the tournament. Thus, the two top candidates will determine the title that the local team will try to replicate.

Julieta Mungo passes the ball. (CABB Press)

However, it was not easy to achieve the pass to the final for those led by Gregorio Martinez. In fact, it cost them a lot.

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While in the first half they suffered from a lack of effectiveness in shooting from the field, their opponents remained ahead on the scoreboard thanks to the outside shooting. So much so that Daniela Gonzalez, the Colombian team’s top scorer with 12 points, managed to score two consecutive goals during the second quarter to advance to the first half by two points.

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However, everything changed in the third boy. In that moment, Argentina took a step forward in intensity, improved in defensive work, and basically increased the percentage in the opposite hoop. Much of that is explained by 13 passes from Melissa Greiter and Luciana de la Barba 23 pointsthe great personality of the meeting, and the 14th of Agostina Burani.

Will they raise the glass today? In the meantime, people closed down tonight and gathered the night before.

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