The NBA is considering a return to an East versus West format for All-Stars

The NBA is considering a return to an East versus West format for All-Stars

Early morning of February 20, 2017 In Spain, Anthony Davis He raised the now-named Kobe Bryant Trophy, in recognition of his performance as the best player in the world. All-Star Game with 52 points. At the time, the center was the Pelicans’ star. This weekend, life’s coincidences Abren and WillieThis season’s teammates in Barcelona, ​​they shared the team with the last two best players, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid. Few people imagine that that day will be the last edition in which we will witness a match between East and West. In recent years, criticism of players’ lack of power has led the NBA to begin considering a major change to the current format. Adam Silver talked about the possibility of returning to the format From 1951 to 2017 It was held without interruption, except 1999 season by insurance, Although it was celebrated in 2002.

Current format

In 2018 Form a captain’s team. The two players most voted on by fans to participate in the All-Stars will become captains of both teams. via Draft, The captains will choose their mates, who had already been selected to participate in the match, even formed their team. In addition, each team will choose a charity to which they will donate as a result of the prize they receive for winning the match. The first leaders will be LeBron and Curry, with the Cavaliers player winning, in addition to receiving the MVP award. The following year in the same format, Giannis would replace Curry as captain, in a version in which Nowitzki and Wade would symbolically join the teams, as both players would retire at the end of that season.

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In 2020same captains, but the shape will be received Changes in rules and registration. The team that scores the most points during The first three quarters of 12 minutes received a cash prize, Which was donated to a charity. The final quarter, without a stopwatch, was decided in favor of the first team Meet or exceed your “target score”. The final target score is determined by taking the leading team’s cumulative points for three quarters and adding 24 points.

In the next three years, the changes will continue and criticism over poor performances and defensive involvement will lead to a potential change in form. The public is proof of that NBA All-Star Game with the smallest crowd in history. 2023 All-Star Game The show averaged 4.6 million viewers, 27% fewer than the previous year’s edition This is 22% less than the 2021 match, which is so far considered the NBA All-Star match with the lowest attendance in history, with 5.9 million viewers.

new way?

Adam Silver They recently stated that they are studying and evaluating potential changes to the All-Star format, possibly returning to something more traditional. The loss of fans jeopardizes the current look, which was created in honor of the number Kobe wore for the Lakers. Some ideas that have been launched to encourage increased competitiveness of players will be presented Home field advantage for the winning conference team To reach the final. We certainly could have seen the latest version of the ‘target score’ format last season. The most nostalgic fans dream of the possibility of seeing East vs. West duel again. Until the circumstance that happened several decades ago where players played this game in the jerseys of their respective franchises. It is increasingly clear that The NBA has to reinvent the game model Stars If you don’t want to see how the interest of fans, and even some players, decreases every year. Last year, Harden and Butler resigned to fill the position due to injuries to Durant, Zion, or Curry.

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