The NBA player was fined $35,000 for assaulting a photographer

The NBA player was fined $35,000 for assaulting a photographer

The Memphis Grizzlies have been more vulnerable to the Hurricane lately due to the differences between themwho shines on the stick, as scandals seem to persecute them.

Proof of this is Ja Morant, Who got into trouble in the past days because of a post on his social mediawhich led to a police investigation and an eight-game NBA ban.

What did Dillon Brooks do?

The Memphis team was unable to take on the Miami Heat last Wednesday, as they were outscored by a score of 139-119. However, the result remained in the background, Since Dillon Brooks, another player on the teamHe got into trouble, which resulted in a fine.

The Grizzlies went forward when trying to recover the ball into the barrier dividing the fans with the stick. At the time, he bumped into a photographer, who apparently pushed him, They decided to fine him $35,000, because they failed his unsportsmanlike work. They did not give him comment games.

Al Grizzlies with problem players?

Back in the days, Ja Morant was the target of criticism for A video he uploaded, in which he flaunted a firearmThey stopped him from playing twice and opened an investigation against him. It didn’t take long for a picture to leak where he was next to a stripper and the floor was covered in dollars.

for his part, Dillon Brooks was recently suspended after he fouled out on March 5th Against the Clippers, where he delivered an accurate blow to one of his opponents.

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