The NBA tightens the transmission of the wrong referee

The NBA tightens the transmission of the wrong referee

LAS VEGAS The National Basketball Association (NBA) has completed the process of changing the rule for offending turnovers, ending years of debate about what to do about the longtime insidious tactic.

Also, as expected, a Play-in Tournament will be available for the foreseeable future.

The league’s board of referees finalized those two issues on Tuesday, approving a plan to award free throws when teams are hit for a wrong kick, as well as removing the “trial” designation from the post-season entry element.

It was no surprise that the league changed the penalty for fouls. Commissioner Adam Silver told the Associated Press in early June that it would change, though he cautioned that the new rule could still be amended in the coming years.

A free kick, in which the defender does not take the ball, is what the League classifies as occurring “during a transitional goal opportunity or immediately after a change of possession and before the attacking team has had an opportunity to move the ball. The exception is in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter or action. additional.

The new penalty for such a foul is a free throw, which can be attempted by any player of the attacking team in the match at the time the foul was committed, continuing possession.

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