The new Nissan Frontier model has arrived in Guatemala

The new Nissan Frontier model has arrived in Guatemala

The Nissan Frontier It’s a renewed pickup truck that’s arriving in the country thanks Excel To accompany Guatemalans on their adventures in 2021. Enter the most difficult paths and live new experiences! We tell you more below.

Discover your next adventure with the Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is part of a pickup legacy that spans more than 80 years. Its new model is one of the most important products in its conversion plan for Nissan Next, which was revealed in 2020.

Excel is a file A leading automobile company in Central America And 2021 with the arrival of one of the most prominent products they currently offer, a vehicle that focuses on action in sporty and adventure style.

An innovative design to push Guatemalans even further

Excel launched this pick-up at the beginning of January 2021, offering Guatemalans a car with it Robust new design. The new Nissan Frontier PRO-4X version is equipped to facilitate the most powerful roads. Time to get ready and discover new attractions in Guatemala!

The new Nissan Frontier has a powerful look Engine of 188 hp and 450 Nm of torque, Which means it has a loading force of 1.1 tons in the basin or pulling up to 3,500 kg. What a chile! You can carry everything you need for your trip.

Image Description: Gray pickup trucks drive through dry and arid landscapes, picking up clouds of sand. (Credit: April)

Learn about the new Nissan Frontier in Guatemala

You can start pricing your new Nissan Frontier model with Excel, Then the batteries! Some of the editions that you can choose to buy your new car are:

  • One cabin: With high quality, durability and strength, it is a work-focused vehicle, offering high payload capacity, reinforced chassis, haul capacity, entry and exit angles. Mainly, it is used in industries, shops, companies, and multiple activities in the country.
  • Double cabins: Especially useful for dual or private use, it is a version that offers greater comfort, functionality and technology. It is ideal for those who love challenges, life, extreme sports and the environment, since Tech Nissan Intelligent Mobility Offers Intelligent Surround View Monitor – I-AVM – with 4 × 4 Off-Road Engine, Moving Object Detection – MOD – and Intelligent Emergency Braking – I-EB – and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning – I-FCW – in addition to Apple Car Play and Android Auto A-IVI — among other functions.

Enjoy a comfortable interior, designed to reduce fatigue during a long ride, plus a Advanced technology assistance Simplifies your work when driving across natural terrain.

Put your destiny in the hands of experts! Drive on difficult roads without worry.

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