The Olympic Games, the goal of my life

The Olympic Games, the goal of my life

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Sons won the NBA Championship if they win three more games against the Milwaukee Bucks, the young star, Devin Booker, You will not go to Disney World to celebrate. He will fly to the other side of the world to join Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics and play more basketball.

Booker confirmed on Wednesday that he would take the first flight available at the end of the season if the NBA finals, which gave the Phoenix a 1-0 lead after a 118-105 win over the Bucks on Tuesday, were extended to a game 7 on July 22. The U.S. national team will travel to Saitama, Japan on July 25 to play their first game against France.

“Next [avión] To exit. I’ll be there, “he said.” I will be there. But that is not my main focus right now. I contacted Koch Pop [Gregg Popovich], I contacted [Jerry] I picked it up recently, and then I told them, I saw all the people reporting to Las Vegas, the final match was where I should be anywhere else, but I want to be there with the guys, and I’ll be there soon. “

USA Basketball gathered Tuesday at the Mentonhall Center on the UNLV campus to begin its 13-day training camp in preparation for the Olympics, which will include exhibitions against Nigeria, Australia, Argentina and Spain.

Booker, 24, who was a member of the USA Select team that trained with the Olympic team in 2016, explained what it means to be part of the official team this time around.

“Very important. My goal in life,” Booker said. “I’m always said this, and I think it’s a very valuable event to discover basketball. I do not think there is anything better than winning a medal. “

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