The Oscar maker says California Police will arrest Will Smith on Sunday

The Oscar maker says California Police will arrest Will Smith on Sunday

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Will Baker, One of the makers of Oscar 2022 has released new details about what happened after that Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock In front of the cameras.

Packer gave an interview for “Good Morning America” ​​and a short video of what will happen has already been released. In it, Packer said police were called after the incident. The police department was ready to arrest Smith for the attack, but there was an important reason why they did not.

“They told me, aggression, you know, aggression, a word that was repeated to me at that time. They told me ‘We can get him, we’re ready, we’re ready to arrest him right now. They can charge and we can arrest him. ‘ We were all thinking about options, ”he said.

“While they were talking, Chris – he tried to avoid all of those options. He kept telling us ‘No, no, I’m fine.’ I said to him, ‘Rock, please let them do the work.’ They told him they could take action, but he said no. “

Packer also admitted that he did not speak directly to Will Smith during the awards.

It is not yet known whether this is true or just a rumor. But the academy promised to try to remove Smith from that place and he refused.

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