“The People’s Democratic Party is growing and strengthening,” the leaders say. They refute Abinader Momento.net

“The People’s Democratic Party is growing and strengthening,” the leaders say.  They refute Abinader  Momento.net

Milano, Cristina and Alejandrina spoke after the PLD anniversary party.

Santo Domingo. MMembers of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) indicated that this political organization is growing and strengthening, as evidenced by the joining of thousands of young people into its ranks.

Cristina Lizardo, Alejandrina German and Melanio Paredes finally made their position known during a press conference in which they announced a series of activities that the PLD will carry out on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the PLD.

lizard He answered that the party’s new registration indicates the opposite of what the Popular Movement Party candidate expressed, that the Dominican opposition parties are in decline and will not obtain 25 percent of the votes in the upcoming elections.

He said the PLD had been restructured After its ninth conference, it is the only party that enjoys representation in all municipalities and municipal regions in the country.

“The PLD has not stopped developing its basic functions, even in the midst of adversity and obstacles,” said the senatorial candidate for the PLD and the opposition alliance Rescate RD for Santo Domingo province.

Alejandrina Guzman and Milano Paredes

Referring to the same issue, Alejandrina German considered the President of the Republic’s assessment to be wrong, because in her opinion it is not based on reality.

He emphasized that the PLD is a majority force and will remain so forever “because we are students of Juan Bosch and we must honor his memory and continue to be an important force for the well-being of this people.”

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He highlighted the contributions of this political organization to the consolidation of democracy, respect for public freedoms, and the development and prosperity of the Dominican Republic.

Melanio Paredes stressed that the massive activities carried out by the PLD last weekend, led by presidential candidate Abel Martinez, are the best way to refute Abinader’s statements.

He expressed that the Democratic Liberation Party will show its strength in February and May when it wins the municipal, congressional and presidential elections, respectively.


Abi Nader asks not to listen to the “desperate” cries of the opposition.

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