The powerful statement from Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves, about the alleged separation rumors

The powerful statement from Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves, about the alleged separation rumors


Joanna Sanz has responded to information circulated this Tuesday about his supposed divorce with her Daniel Alvesa soccer player who is still being held without bail for the alleged sexual assault of a young woman on December 30 in a nightclub in Barcelona.

He told a private journalist: “We can confirm that he has filed for divorce from Dani Alves.” Leticia Rikigo On the “Anna Rosa Program”. “Last week, I asked for a visa, but he refused it,” he added.

“Joanna regrets those first statements she made, first defending her husband’s position. A decision she makes, in part, because Dani Alves’ lawyer asked her to.”

After these remarks, it was the model herself who, through her Instagram profile, confirmed the rumors of their separation Elvis They are false.

Joanna Sanz He shared screenshots of the news and affirmed, “Obviously if they don’t have news, they invent it,” adding a laughing emoji.

“But what do you say!!! Wrong” added the Brazilian’s wife and then left a strong statement saying that when he has to say something he will say it through an official account.

“I want to make clear that the recent information about the things I have not said is completely wrong. I have not been in contact with any media or any specific journalist. When I have something to say, I, Joana Sanz, will do so via a statement on my social networks.”

“Everything else is speculation. I appreciate the concern, but at the moment there is a process going on that deserves not to be poisoned,” said Wife. Elvis.

Joana Sanz's statement confirmed that she would provide details of her situation with Alves.

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