The Public Prosecution Office refers to Khayron’s brother as part of the network but does not accuse him

The Public Prosecution Office refers to Khayron’s brother as part of the network but does not accuse him

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Among the new names presented in the indictment against those involved in the Coral and Coral 5G case, is the second lieutenant in the Air Force, Vicente Jeron Jimenez, brother Raul Alejandro Giron And they worked on the payroll of the Specialized Authority for Tourism Security (SYSTOR).

Vicente with his brother, It was part of the pyramid scheme created in Cestur and the Presidential Security Corps (Cusep), “as college headsthe part of the people responsible for recruiting, including in the payroll and putting up the money they have to collect.

The record indicates that Vicente Giron got 37 percent Of the executed deals, the funds of which go back from 2005 to 2021, it consists of 281 deals.

The Public Prosecution Office says she came to make transfers 1417457.00 Brazilian Real.

Despite this, of the 30 involved in the file, Vicente Jéron Jiménez’s name does not appear as a defendant, although prosecutors cited him in part as an “accused”.

The file states that part of the money collected by Raul Alejandro Giron was provided by his brother, with this money they “paid mortgage loans and utility payments, as well as the purchase of vehicles.”

in his interrogation Vicente Girón Jiménez proved that defendant Yehudy Blandesmil Guzmán Alcántarahas a collection list of about 30 people on the payroll, which has been kept for 7 years in Cestur.

According to the Ministry of Public Affairs, defendant Pedro Roberto Castillo Nolasco transferred sums of money to Vicente Giron on several occasions as a result of the network’s actions. He had several lists of people he assigned to collect the payroll money.

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“He who received money from the people he recruited directly, created sub-networks, through which, Recruit more people and work as a group for these people’s moneythen pass the accumulated funds to Vicente, while retaining his benefits,” the file proves.

Similarly, he says that Juan Pablo Silverio Perez, who died, ran his subnets. This man recruited people to show them on the payroll and received money from his recruits, “after which he delivered the collected sums in cash to Vicente Girón Jiménez, however, there is also evidence of transfers from him, to the accounts of the Reserve Bank of Vicente Girón Jiménez.”

According to the financial information sent by the Banking Supervisory Authority, through the accounts of the Reserve Bank of Vicente Girón Jiménez, incoming transactions were reported in a total amount of $117,849,311.69 RD, which was in 96.86% in the form of transfers, deposits and salaries.

According to the file, these amounts are not related to the income that he receives through the work activities that he has undertaken.

The other people who ran Vicente Girón Jiménez’s sub-networks, but only in the field of recruitment, were National Police Colonel Amarilys Sanquintín, who received salaries from the Politur and/or Cestur, despite not affiliated with that institution. Sent to Vicente Jeron Jiménez for inclusion in the corruption scheme.

Giron Jiménez was nothing but a crossing point for embezzled valuesAs the quantities of inputs and outputs were similar. In addition, it was verified that Vicente Girón Jiménez conducted transactions consisting of money transfers to members of the corruption network, in the amount of DOP 47,501,114.51”, says the Public Ministry.

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Testimony of Raúl Alejandro Giron in May 2021

Giron Jiménez explained that during his intervention in court when the forced measure was known in the first week of May 2021 How involved in the Coral case They carried out their alleged criminal activities in the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (Cestur) and the Presidential Security Corps (Cusep).

Among these facts is the inflated salaries, In addition to the operations they made to acquire a large amount of movable and immovable property, luxury cars and properties in different parts of the country.

Likewise, she described fraudulent actions used by the defendants in the file to obtain luxury goods, including two electric cars, as well as cash hundreds of thousands of pesos from Cusep to sponsor Disguised as contributions allegedly made by religious cults, among others.

Charged in Coral and Coral 5G

Also involved in the case are Adán Benoni Cáceres Silvestre, Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, Rafael Núñez de Aza, Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola, Boanerges Reyes Batista, Franklin Antonio Mata Flores, Yehudy Blandesmil Guzmán Alcántara and Raúrele Alejandro. Núñez, Kelman Santana Martínez, José Manuel Rosario Pirón, Jehohanan Lucia Rodríguez Jiménez, PN

Also Epifanio Peña Lebron, Lucia de los Santos Viola, Manuel de Jesus Alba Solano, Elida Maria Trinidad Santiago, Emmanuel Antonio Alba Trinidad, Rimel Pastor del Rosario Viola, Pedro Roberto Castillo Nolasco, Rosa Antonia Desla, Honorís de Los Santos and Honorís Los Santos Daniel Pereira Nunez, Santiago Antonio Suarez Pejero and Guillermo de Jesus Torres Rubio.

Also appear are companies Único Real State and Inversiones, SRL, Asociación Campesina Madre Tierra, CSNA Universo Empresarial, SRL, Randa Internacional Company, EIRL, Aldom Glass Alumimium, SRL, RG & S Soluciones Financieras, SRL, SSA Corporation, SRL, Distribuidora KF, SRL, TAFL Distributor, SRL, SOS Carretera, SRL,. Optumus, EIRL, Meljo Comercial EIRL, Hacienda Kelman, SRL, Rawel Importadores SRL, R&F Agroindustrial, SRL, MJ3V Agroindustrial, SRL, Ministerio Jesús, Vino, Vine y Vuelve ASFL & Baptist Church Eternal Life Of The Lord Jesus Christ, ASFL

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