The Queen of Flux 2 Chapter 71: Charlie’s plan to regain Manin’s trust | Netflix TV Series | Colombia | Fame

The Queen of Flux 2 Chapter 71: Charlie’s plan to regain Manin’s trust |  Netflix TV Series |  Colombia |  Fame

Beware, brake alert. After making a deal with Charlie, in Chapter 71 of the second season of “”‘, Titano begins preparing the ground to take over Lygia without noticing Manin and the rest. Although he poisons his boss without problems, Charon becomes suspicious.

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Ligia’s change of position upsets Dúver Cruz, who threatens to hurt Erick if she tries to escape. This causes Charlie’s mother to abandon her escape plan and destroy Titano’s plans.

Despite Ligia’s refusal, Lucio’s brother is not willing to give up on his long-awaited revenge, so he tries to go on his date and kill”But Sharon stopped him and reminded him of Manin’s orders.

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Charlie’s plan to regain Manin’s trust

When a plan to replace Yeimy with her mother fails, Charly begins to despair and seems willing to do anything to free Ligia from her uncle’s clutches. The problem is that you don’t know your exact location and to get there you need to regain your trust.

That’s why she looks at the media and talks about her mother’s kidnapping. Instead of accusing Manin, he defends him and assures that he will not be able to harm his mother because he loves her very much, like the rest of his family.

These statements confuse Dúver Cruz, who was unsure of his nephew’s loyalty. Ligia, who also listens to the interview and understands her son’s intentions, is interested in dispelling those doubts and persuades her husband to call Charlie to clear things up.

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On the other hand, in this episode of the second season of “Irma approaches Eric again and makes Sandy jealous. Meanwhile, Charly and Yeimy work together to fix the song that Mike Rivera destroyed.

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