The reason Checo Pérez considered retiring from F1

The reason Checo Pérez considered retiring from F1


Will he retire? Sergio “Chico” Perezpilot Red Bull Racing Talk about one of the reasons why he might eventually do it Consider retirement. Despite probably being in the best moment of his career, the Mexican continues Prioritize your family above anything else.

Why will Chico Perez retire?

Continuous development of Formula 1 It includes career increase per season, which can be understood as a general benefit for most interested parties. However, it will eventually create a file big wear In the pilots and in Mechanics From the difference, to name a few.

“There is a very high demand. But, on the other hand, Having so many races is impossible, at least for me. Team members make enormous sacrifices to make every weekend possible, including Do not see the family For months, Chico told The Athletic.

“I have two children, and a third is on the way. I think if the timeline goes on for much longer, I definitely won’t.‘, the Mexican was sentenced in connection with the changes in the F1 in the not too distant future.

czech perez 3rd in the Drivers’ Championship Formula 1 With 54 points, just behind Charles Leclerc (86) from the team Ferrari The Dutch partner of the Czech Republic, Verstappen (59). In the same way, he managed to climb to the podium Emilia Romagna JB Finished in second place.

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