The request made by Pedro Castillo when he was arrested after the failed coup

The request made by Pedro Castillo when he was arrested after the failed coup
Pedro Castillo and his lawyer Anibal Torres in the province of Central Lima. (public ministry)

A few hours after issuing the speech announcing the unconstitutional closure of Congress, the former President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Teronesand his family left the government palace and got into two cars at their disposal, apparently in an unknown direction.

According to the weekly Hildebrandt is thirteen years oldwhen transporting vehicles fortHis family and former President Anibal Torres were at the intersection of Tacna and Nicolás de Pierola Streets, non-commissioned officer Nilo Irigoyen Chávez, and the ex-president’s security had ordered the driver of the car, the non-commissioned. officer Joseph Grandez Lopez, to go to the Mexican Embassy in San Isidro.

Grandis reportedly notified Major PNP Luis Alarcón, head of the President’s bodyguard, of what had happened, and he informed his superiors. At about 1:40 pm, General PNP Iván Lizetti Salazar, Director of State Security, ordered the intervention of Pedro Castillo for the alleged crime of insubordination and flagrante delicto.

The weekly also notes that driver fort He received the order to take the former president to the province of Lima. The driver would have led Castillo to believe he was going to change routes to avoid traffic. Finally, the armed police seized the vehicles near the intersection of Garcilaso de la Vega and España roads, still in downtown Lima, and redirected them to the prefectural headquarters, located on España Avenue.

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Video of Pedro Castillo in the province. N channel

The first thing Castillo did while in custody in the province was “advocate for the safety of his wife” Lilia Paredes Navarro and their children, according to the weekly reports.

At the time of his rights as a detainee being read out, Castillo had made one request to the authorities: to allow his relatives to return without problems to his home in Chugur, in Chota, CajamarcaThey go on and add that they informed the former president that his wife does not have an arrest warrant against him at the moment.

A member of the National Police Special Team who was involved in the arrest procedure said that Castillo “seemed out of place, as if he thought what was happening to him was the product of a bad dream, an illusion”. on quote. weekly.

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The judiciary on Thursday ordered a seven-day pre-trial detention against Pedro Castillo. “Supreme Court Preparatory Investigationby the judge Juan Carlos ChicliAnd the It provides for seven days of preliminary detention against former President Pedro Castillo“The crime of rebellion (instead of conspiracy) has been investigated,” this state authority stated via its official Twitter account.

In the decision, the judge stipulates that the term of judicial imprisonment It is valid from 7 to 13 December In 2022. In this way, the judiciary ratified the Public Prosecution’s request to order the preliminary detention for the alleged commission of the crime against the state’s powers and the constitutional order, in the form of rebellion, at the expense of the state.

In addition, by a commission The crime of conspiracy against the stateBoth of them are illegal, stipulated and punishable by Articles 346 and 349 of the Penal Code.

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