The selected U-15 team qualified for the national final

The selected U-15 team qualified for the national final
by mario warrior July 28, 2022 – 4:14 pm

The provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and San Luis decided to play a Competition Pre-federation in the U15 category of the championship organized by the Argentine Federation BasketballAnd the Qualifiers to object to the national final stage.

Let us remember that the champion of the Southern Apertura Championship, organized by the Basketball Association “Rodolfo Iselín” San Rafael, was Colegio San Martín (General Alvear), who invited the sub-champion Real del Padre to merge with San Rafael Tennis club To form a competitive team in this tournament led by Alejandro Cora with Javier Paquez.

In the final game of the playoffs, the San Rafael Basketball Association’s selected team “Rodolfo Islin” beat Club Honor y Patria as a visitor by 51 to 37, a match corresponding to the fifth date of the competition held in “Vicente Polimeni”, located in the province of Las Heras.

Despite the victory, the team led by Alejandro Corra and Javier Páques took second place in the standings, so there is no chance to continue the competition. However, from the Argentine Basketball Federation (the event organizer) they confirmed the classified ads in the men’s under-15 training section.

1 Basketball San Juan Fusion

Rivadavia Sports Center II (Mendoza)

The third star of athletics

4 Mendoza Regatta

They also qualified for the national stage, top three seconds, Alberdi (Villa Mercedes, San Luis), Leonardo Murialdo (Mendoza) and ASBRI along with Atenas Athletic Club who qualified directly as the Mendoza champion.

Historic ranking for the San Rafael team that will be one of the 64th Federal Reserve champions.

San Rafael combined

San Martin School.

Thomas Castellano

Lawrence Perez

Matthew Rodriguez

Lautaro Ruiz

Francis Fernandez

Carlos Vasquez

royal father

Jose Olalla

Joaquin Perez

Facundo Perez

Denis Villarreal

Thomas Hasoka

tennis club

Philip Sweeta

Baptist Uluwa

Faustino Fernandez

Lautaro Herrero.

art Device: Alejandro Cora and Javier Paquez.

what’s coming

On Monday August 1, the final draw will take place where the intersections will be known by the days and times.

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