The Seven Famous Movies Starring Vicente Fernandez

The Seven Famous Movies Starring Vicente Fernandez

Most of them know the indelible musical career of the famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, but the mark he left in the cinema of his country will also remain in time, especially some of the most important films in which he participated in more than 40 films between 1972 and 1991.

1- “Taco Al Carbon” (1971)

With this film directed by Alejandro Galindo, El Charro de Huentitán’s cinematic career began, playing a taquero (taco seller) from the capital who, thanks to the drag, was able to create a series of tacos. Also featured in the film are Sonia Amelio, Adalberto Martinez, and Anna Martin, among others.

2. “Mountain Law” (1976)

Directed by Alberto Mariscal, this film was a key factor – along with “Picardia Mexicana” (1978) – in Fernández’s film career and is based on “El niño de la bola”, a novel by Pedro Antonio Alarcón that tells the story of an impossible, youthful love.

3. Son of the People (1976)

The film, directed by Rene Cardona, tells the story of a taxi driver who falls in love with a broadcaster who ends up cheating him, making him return to his hometown (Huentitán el Alto, like Fernandez himself), where there is a group. From young people who are not accustomed to the farm.

4. “Juan Charrascuado and Gabino Barrera, Their True History” (1982)

In this strange story, two heroes united by their desire for adventure are separated by falling in love with the same woman. The film is directed by Rafael Villaseñor and features actors such as Blanca Guerra, Miguel ngel Rodríguez, Carlos Derbez and Maribel Guardia.

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5. The Male (1987)

The film, also directed by Rafael Villasinor, stars Fernandez and Yualio Gonzalez, who play farmers who live off food they steal and fall in love with a character from a TV series who kidnaps women. This comedy featured Fernandez’s versatile and mature.


The penultimate film starring Fernandez, and also directed by Villasenor, tells the life of Ernesto Santos, a man who survives a tragedy and returns to the city where his wife lives, who she believes is dead and left with another man, whom Santos confronts. He kills him and he has to flee again, a game that brings him back love again.

7. “Dear Old Man” (1991)

The end of Vicente’s film career ended with the movie “My Dear Sheikh” (1991), which starred alongside his son Alejandro Fernandez, and tells the story of a man who intends to resume his relationship with his son after years of absence.

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