The Six Golden Rules of Elon Musk require his employees to follow them

The Six Golden Rules of Elon Musk require his employees to follow them

Elon Musk email his staff with specific instructions to reduce the amount of time in meetings.

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, It requires its employees to comply with a series of Rules impeccable To improve productivity. The controversial businessman sends a report to the company’s workers Production progress Across Email messagesWhere it is also done ‘Some recommendations’ To improve brands’ competitiveness.

newly, I know Purifier Email he was going to send in 2018, when Tesla It was in its third week of production of more than 2,000 vehicles Model 3 y Model S / X. Hence, the owner SpaceX He asked his employees to make sure they were successful within the company, but one of the key instructions the billionaire confirms is: direct connection To maximize time.

The Six Guaranteed Musk Rules:

  1. No long meetings

Excessive meetings are an epidemic of large corporations It often gets worse over time. Please leave all large gatherings, unless you are sure they offer value to an entire audience, in which case Keep it very short“.

2. You do not have frequent and unnecessary meetings

“Also Eliminate recurring meetingsIf only it was a very urgent issue. The frequency of the meetings It must go down Quickly once the urgent issue is resolved. “

The email was from 2018 when the company & # xf1;  & # xed;  a About to close production of & # xf3;  n of model 3

The email was from 2018 when the company was about to shut down production of the Model 3 (AFP).

3. Leave the meeting if you are not contributing

Leave the meeting Or leave prof Call as soon as clear It does not add value. It is not rudeness to leave, it is rudeness to let someone stay and waste time. “

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4. It does not use gerga

Don’t use acronyms or meaningless words for things, Software or processes in Tesla. Generally speaking, anything requires an explanation It prevents contact. We don’t want people to have to memorize a glossary just to work on Tesla. “

5. Communicate with all departments directly

“Communication should be the shortest path Needed to get the job done, not through the so-called chain of command. Any manager trying to implement Contact A series of orders Early You will find yourself working elsewhere“.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, became & # xf3;  In & # xe9;  The richest person in the whole world

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, became the seventh richest person in the entire world.

In the email, Musk says they’re focusing on quality while increasing quantities produced, but also on profits.

According to the business owner, an important source of trouble in companies is Poor communication between departments. In addition, he indicates that the way to solve it is to allow the free flow of information at all levels.

“If you have to do something between different departments of the company The individual contributor must speak up With his manager, who in turn has to talk to a manager and that’s with the vice president, who talks to another vice president, who talks to a manager who talks to a manager talking to With someone doing the real work, Then very silly things will happen, ”he explained in an email to his staff.

As for musk, it should be okay That “people talk directly to those who text them.” And that this work be simplified so that “right and necessary” are completed in the shortest possible time.

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6. Do not follow useless rules, use common sense

“generally, Always choose common sense as your guide. If it is clear that following the “company rule” is ridiculous in a particular situation that makes a wonderful cartoon for Dilbert, then the rule must change. “

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