The son of Itat Cantoral surrenders before the magic of the “Lord of Heaven” actress.

The son of Itat Cantoral surrenders before the magic of the “Lord of Heaven” actress.

They say that children are to the mother the most valuable thing they have in life, which is why some mothers are so interested in their children’s personal relationships and are looking for the ideal candidate to be a friend or friend of their children, this is the case Itat Cantoral who would have done everything for one of her twins to have a love affair with Her former classmate Gala Montes.

As you read it, everything seems to indicate that Itat made her Cupid until actress also Gala Montes agrees to hang out with Cantoral’s son Eduardo and Eduardo Santamarina.

According to TVNotas, since Etat met Gala, she’s been happy with the type of human being who is also a woman who is very close to her family and has many values, so I don’t hesitate to tell her that she wants her to be a daughter by lineage.

So don’t be late nor lazy, the actress who gave life to eternal villain Soraya Montenegro took her son Eduardo to the La mexicana y el Gero record set to present with the Gala party.

Eduardo gradually conquers the Gala

And apparently, Etat has very good eyes, because everything seems to indicate that Gala and Eduardo are not even close to dating because they had already been dating a few months ago and the twins are a gentleman who knows how to attract a woman like her. The protagonist of the next series, Diseando tu amor.

There are many appearances of affection that Eduardo showed Gala to Gala via social networks because he told her that he liked her and that he was proud of her, plus the actress also shares in her stories the moments they share together.

It should be noted that a few months ago, the Gala Montes party was chosen as the third in a quarrel between Horacio Panchere and Marimar Vega, but both of them completely denied the existence of a love affair; On the other hand, until now Eduardo or Gala denied their relationship or before them.

Here are some samples of Eduardo’s comments on photos of the opening ceremony.


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