The Speaker of Parliament pledges to approve the decent retirement law

The Speaker of Parliament pledges to approve the decent retirement law

On his first day as president of an association ParliamentAnd the Raphael “Tattito” Hernandez MontanezHe announced that among his first steps were the abolition of the election law and reform of work, as well as approval of the House of Representatives bill No. 120, which would pave the way for a “decent retirement law” as a mechanism to protect government employees’ retirement pensions.

“We will approve it and if it is rejected and if the board of directors does not attend it, we will defend it in the courts or in any necessary forums.”The head of the room said, referring to the extent of composing an actor The New Progressive Party (PNP), Lord Ramos.

Yesterday, Sunday, more than 18 workers’ organizations demanded approval of the measure before February 10, the date the government should have handed it over to federal judge Laura Taylor Swain. An agreement with creditors or an amendment plan To review the public debt, which will include cuts in public employees’ pensions.

House Bill 120, co-authored by an actor Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP) Denis Marquis, reviving the procedure that remained in the legislature last year.

Evenly, Hernandez Montañez signed his first Executive Order declaring a state of emergency in the fiscal budget in the Legislative Assembly in order to make the necessary adjustments. Among these amendments is the elimination of duplication of expenditures and jobs in the supervisory authority and joint committees.

We have three joint committees, the Supervisory Board and the Chamber. In each of these entities, there is a director of finance and a director of procurement and human resources … all of those managers at a rate of $ 5,000 and $ 6,000, out of five, are $ 25,000, ”said Hernandez Montanez.

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He cautioned, however, that they would ensure that similar adjustment measures were taken at the operational level. He warned that “if we do so at home, we will ensure that the central government also adapts to the financial realities of the people of Puerto Rico.”

Hernandez also signed A second administrative order to ensure continuous disclosure of public information as a measure to prevent government corruption and conflicts of interest. He stressed that “the people of Puerto Rico have the right to full and immediate access to documents and information proving the work and operation of this legislative body.”

The third administrative order, for its part, seeks to establish guidelines for registration of lobbyists. “People want to know who they are, what next, who contribute and who they represent. I declare that everyone with a legitimate purpose to speak with any of our 51 representatives does so in public.

Additionally, Hernandez Montañez said that a decision has already been submitted to the Luma Energy contract investigation.

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