The story of the Mexican who spins through Qatar 2022 with the horn of “the old iron they sell”.

The story of the Mexican who spins through Qatar 2022 with the horn of “the old iron they sell”.

The fan calls himself “Yahir el Travieso” and refers to himself as an ambassador of Mexican music to the world.

For a few seconds, 31 to be exact, one lane Qatar 2022 became a branch of Mexico‘, because the classic “mattresses, or barrels, or refrigerators, or stoves, or microwave ovens or whatever old iron thing they sell” was heard.

The author of That Moment is originally from Medina Mexico Who calls himself “Yahir El Trafiso”, “Ambassador of Mexican Music around the World”.

“Are you a chariot?” Born in the city Mexico. “Yes, I took the subway in Ciudad de Mexico to sell,” he joked saying, “yahir mischievous,” in chat with ESPN.

Old iron tone sounds for Qatar 2022 And immediately every Mexican close to him smiles, takes out his cell phone and records the moment that connects them with Mexico, even though it is some 14,000 kilometers away from his country of origin.

“The truth is that I always travel the world with my horn, I’ve been to Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Miami, USA, all the world I go with,” says Yahr, the hooligan, ESPNafter lowering the volume to “La Chona”, a song by Tucanes de Tijuana, for the interview.

Luis Miguel, Vicente Fernandez, El Recodo sounds, people walk around, they dance, they light up, it’s music Mexico in Qatarand exported to headquarters world Cup Thanks to a speaker the size of a human torso and with only a battery that provides five hours of coverage, a second is confiscated on the way to Globalism.

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“It was very easy, there was a problem at the airport, I never had a problem, but in Finland they confiscated a battery, and I don’t know why if it’s legal, but they took it from me and I only have one. I usually carry two,” says Yaher Al Moshaghib. .

It all started at Russia 2018, with two tiny speakers that became giants. Mexico, for 31 seconds, had a branch in Qatar 2022World Cup ground.

He concluded, “The idea started because I had small speakers in Russia and people asked me for more volume, and it was the biggest thing I’d found in recent years.”

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