The Trump-directed email criticizes McConnell, including the voting graphic

The Trump-directed email criticizes McConnell, including the voting graphic

WASHINGTON – House Republicans received an email Monday from an aide to a White House aide criticizing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and saying it was sent at the request of President Donald Trump.

According to two House Republicans who received the email, Molly A., Oval Office Operations Coordinator and Special Assistant to the President; This email came from Michael.

A graphic was attached to the email received by NBC News, and it showed the timeline of McConnell’s vote count from May 2020 against her 2020 Democratic challenge Amy McGrath. It suggested that McConnell was re-elected only because of Trump.

It said, “Unfortunately, Mitch forgot, he was the first to get off the ship!”

The email suggested that Trump was good for the Republicans and led to the re-election of GOP members. This comes as Republicans in Congress are pushing to defend the president and challenge the election results.

Then the email was sent Meeting between the President and the House Republicans Monday about “fighting back” against unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

McConnell, meanwhile, Recognizing Biden’s election victory After the Election College certified his victory last Tuesday, he was called the President-elect.

Requests for comment from McConnell’s office and the White House were not immediately withdrawn.

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