The unexpected wink from Boca Juniors to Angel Romero on his birthday

The unexpected wink from Boca Juniors to Angel Romero on his birthday

Boca Juniors sent an unexpected message of congratulations to Angel Romero on his birthday, amid Cruz Azul talks with the creator to renew his contract.

Image credited by Boca Juniors to Angel Romero.
© Tweet embedImage credited by Boca Juniors to Angel Romero.

In the midst of the uncertainty we’ve been seeing since then ferris wheel Because Angel Romero has yet to sign his renewed contract with Cruz Azul, which expires next December, And in the middle of the day birthdayThe Paraguay Suite He received one more nod from one of the teams that had Dedicated to multiple markets pass: Boca Juniors.

and that is The creator celebrated his 30th birthday on Monday 4th Julyso he got a lot of congratulatory messagesIncluding, of course, cement team, As well as the fans, players, the Paraguayan national team, previous teams, and even the unexpected message from An Argentine team he’s never played in.

Happy birthday, Angel Romero.was the message he posted Boca Juniors Very early on through their social networks A tribute on his day to Cruz Azul striker, A player who has been desired in Ribera for certain markets and even who They were already waiting as reinforcement in JanuaryWhen cement equipment He banged on the table and announced his arrival.

Error or security?

However, minutes after posting the congratulations, auriazul team has removed it from their social networksBecause, in fact, the person in the picture who he wanted to say hello to is Cement 10 player and twin, Oscar Romerowho was able to add to his rank Zenez Since February this year, the same month as The Creator came to the machine.

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The former who also congratulated Angel Romero

Another of the teams that also Angel Romero . congratulated It was CorinthiansAnd the The Brazilian team that Cruz Azul is still negotiating for Bruno Mendes, because the Paraguayan winger managed to leave an imprint during the four years he wore the Timao shirt until 2018; Moreover, as expected, The machine and the Paraguayan national team They also joined the festivities 10 sky blue.

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