The United States beat Lyon 5-2 in a pre-season fight, with Diego Valdes’ double century.

The United States beat Lyon 5-2 in a pre-season fight, with Diego Valdes’ double century.

Chile double-signed on the assurance that the Copa del Rey team dominated from start to finish and that they left good feelings.

United States It started last week in a completely different way before it started Opening in 2022. First, they made Uruguay striker Jonathan Rodriguez official for the match in the second half of the year, and now, a day later, they won easily in 5-2 overs and left a good impression ahead of their debut. The lion Good entry into American soil during the tournament in San Jose, California.

Chile Diego Valdes It was the spark of the team led by Fernando Ordiz. From the start, he set the pace of the game by assisting Paraguay player Richard Sanchez, and then, he was on the scoreboard with two goals. The other Copa players were Roman Martினnez and Alejandro Gentஜாjaz. Santiago Colomboto and Oscar Villa were in charge of beautifying the scoreboard a little more. The lion.

The Emerald team, next introduces itself as a technician Opening in 2022On Sunday, July 3, Louis Alfonso had their final preparation match for a tour of the Atlético de San Luis in Lostras, so they have a lot of work to do after Wednesday night’s presentation.

United StatesThe last match to finally make it to the semifinals of the Liga MX was last Sunday, when Juan Ignacio Dinenno and Caesar ‘Sino’ Huerta clashed in a fight that was relatively easily defeated by Puma in Illinois. In charge of bending them, so they came beating their pride The lion Who paid for the broken vessels.

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Richard Sanchez, after a good help Diego Valdes, Cut into the area and then opened the scoring with the left foot 10 minutes into the game. Andion showed he was in a state of grace, and at 24 he marked the course of determination against an emerald team that was incapable of responding 2-0.

Román Martínez, by maximum penalty, and the same Diego Valdes They put Labyrinth to rest 4-0.

The lion At the start of the second half Santiago tried to react with a goal from Colomboto, but Alejandro Gentajes kept the ice on any goal, but those from Pazio had to return to the match with another excellent left foot 5-1.

United States The rest of the game was controlled and the only shock in the final came with a goal from Oscar Villa, which went 5-2.

United StatesThis time around, they have two wins, one draw and one defeat so far in their previous season, and they will start when they receive the Apertura 2022 next Saturday, July 2, at the current two-time Liga MX champions Azteca. Arena.

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