The United States confirmed that it will continue to deepen its relationship with Taiwan after Honduras secession from the island

The United States confirmed that it will continue to deepen its relationship with Taiwan after Honduras secession from the island
The United States has confirmed that it will strengthen its relations with Taiwan (Reuters/Steven Lam).

The United States confirmed on Monday that it will continue to deepen its relations with Taiwan. After Honduras decided to secede from the island and establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese regime.

In a press conference, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Vedant Patelonce again warned Honduras that Beijing is making many promises to Latin American countries that it has subsequently failed to keep.

“Despite and regardless of this decision, the United States will continue to deepen its rapprochement with Taiwan consistent with our ‘One China’ policy,” the US spokesperson said.

Patel declined to comment on the action taken by the government Xiomara Castro Because it is a “sovereign decision” for each country.

However, he noted, “China frequently makes promises in return for diplomatic recognition that it ultimately fails to deliver, and there are many recent examples of this in Latin America and the rest of the world.”

Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesperson, State Department (Screenshot: Twitter/StateDeputySpox)

Give the speaker as an example Loans made by the Chinese system that end up generating “very bad debt” on countriesor infrastructure projects that ended “without creating jobs” that were promised.

Instead, he believed Taiwan to be a “democratic and reliable partner” and claimed that relations with the island “provide great benefits” for the benefit of the citizens.

Honduras’ deputy foreign minister reported Monday that Honduras has given Taiwan 30 days to close its embassy in Tegucigalpa after severing diplomatic relations it has maintained since 1941. Tony Garcia.

The Honduran government made this decision after Taiwan rejected its request for $2,000 million to restructure its foreign debt and build a hospital.

Honduras and Taiwan maintained a relationship of military, educational and economic cooperation, and the island funded technical and agricultural aid projects and also hosted hundreds of Honduran scholarship holders at its universities.

Prior to her inauguration as President of Honduras, on January 27, 2022, Xiumara Castro said opening relations with China was not on her agenda.

Due to pressure from Xi Jinping’s regime, Honduras has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established relations with China (Reuters/Jose Cabezas)

The severance of ties with Taiwan by Honduras has reduced the number of countries with which Taipei maintains formal diplomatic relations to 13, making this Central American country the ninth — and the fifth in Latin America — since 2016 to cut off the island to establish relations with it. Xi Jinping regime.

The United States established diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1979 under the principle of “one-China” recognition, but has maintained informally close relations with Taiwan, which has often led to tensions with the Chinese government.

The Honduran government’s decision to revitalize its relationship with Taiwan to begin full rapprochement with China was accepted Another example of the growing influence of the Asian giant in Latin America, With the escalation of tension between China and the United States as the background.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry said in a statement that it was “very upset” With the breakdown of the relationship that lasted more than 80 years and urged honduras “Be careful with the risks of commitments that China has made in its offer of diplomatic relations.”

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