The United States will dominate when the Olympics arrive

The United States will dominate when the Olympics arrive

The USA national team He lost both games in preparation for the Olympics and that of course has all the warnings about the team led by Greg Popovich.

Firstly, it was the Nigerian team that surprised them by beating them with a final score of 90-87, in a match in which Gabe Vincent of the Miami Heat was the great number when he finished with 6 triples for a total of 21 points.

“I think in just four days of training we showed interesting things, things that I even liked. In a way I’m glad we lost, but it wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t learn from him. The most important thing is to enrich ourselves with what happened and turn the page.” Popovic said after the match.

The problem is that after that duel they lost to the Australian team with a final score of 91-83. San Antonio Spurs’ Patty Mills was Australia’s top scorer, scoring 22 points and 4 assists.

From July 1992 to July 2021, Team USA lost twice in friendlies and within three days lost the same number of matches. This is why the weather is so tense around the team, but now is not the time to panic.

It is true that one would expect a star-caliber team Kevin DurantAnd the Damian LillardBradley Beal, Jason Tatum, and Draymond Green (to name a few) will dominate their competition, but this band just got together a few days ago and needs a little more time to work on their chemistry. With the high level that international basketball currently enjoys, it is no longer enough with just talent.

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I’m pretty sure that the moment Popovich finds the perfect spin and run, this team will be a true indestructible machine. It won’t be a walk, let alone your way to a gold medal in the Olympics, but it will be very difficult to stop all these characters from the best league in the world.

These defeats will put the American players out of their slumber a bit and help them reach a hungrier Tokyo for glory.

Do not despair or think that this team will be a failure, you will see that in a few weeks the waters will take their place again and we will see Durant and his comrades in the place of honor.

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