“The Vengeance Dress”: The day Mrs. Dee was empowered before the world

“The Vengeance Dress”: The day Mrs. Dee was empowered before the world

The Princess Diana He continues to be talked about to this day, and even more important Feminist symbol And the struggle for recognition of women’s rights in society.

Her humanitarian work is known throughout the world, as he is mentioned in England as The only non-royal princess In the history of the British monarchy, with whom She tried to have a good relationship Saleh has two sons, William and Harry.

Without a doubt, one of the most famous moments in life Lady D. It was when she divorced her husband at the time, Prince Charles of Wells After betraying him Camilla Parker-Bowles.

In the media there were rumors about it In the relationship everything ended And they separated for some time, because he was having an extramarital affair. The divorce was already over agreed upon, it was just on them Wait two years to end your relationshipAs long as they keep appearing in front of the audience.

He arrived June 1994 and Serpentine Gallery, Which brings together representatives of the British royal family, art and high society.

Princess Diana intended to continue with all the protocols the British royal family had instilled in her, She wore a designer Valentino dressHowever, it was leaked to the press the day before and the princess He made a change at the last minute.

Lady de Princess Wells dress

In the treasury he kept for two years, Dress, designed by Christina Stamboulian He couldn’t wear it because he couldn’t find the perfect fit to wear it. Black, tight with a slit that exposed her shoulders and legs, Mrs. Dee caught all eyes.

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I just got out of the car I took to the party and focused the cameras on it, Princess of Wales, Without a royal title in the British monarchy, he would override all protocols and take it as such Advertising From that moment on, you’ll start taking it Your own decisions.

Lady de Princess Wells dress

The whole world knew him as ‘Vengeance dress’Just the way I decided Show the world How it really was and what you have shown in the face of all adversity You can go on.

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